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English for Tourism (LCCI level 2)

English for Tourism (LCCI level 2)

This qualification is specifically intended for people preparing for, or working in, the tourism industry, either overseas or in the UK. It examines their ability to communicate effectively in spoken English at a professional level. Candidates will be expected to have a general English proficiency equivalent to the Council of Europe's Threshold Level (B1), but in addition they will need to demonstrate their understanding and use of the specialised language and terminology used in the travel and tourism industry.

The qualification consists of two mandatory components, Level 2 Written English for Tourism (WEfT) and Level 2 Spoken English for Tourism (SEfT).

The aims of this qualification are to enable candidates to develop the spoken skills required to:

Syllabus Topics:


Spoken English for Tourism

Candidates are assessed via a 20 minute spoken examination, which consists of two parts. Both parts carry equal mark weighting and candidates are assessed on their performance according to the following four assessment criteria: fluency, lexis (vocabulary), grammar and pronunciation.

The assessment is facilitated by centre staff and recorded so that it can be returned to LCCI for marking by an LCCI appointed examiner.

Written English for Tourism

Candidates are assessed via a 2.5 hour written examination paper consisting of four compulsory questions.

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